I’m from Denver, Colorado, and spent my adolescent summers renting videogames, playing them all night, then swapping them out for the next alphabetically available game. Not only do I enjoy designing videogames, but also watching horror films and stand-up comedy. 

I strive to design games that put players in uniquely playful situations. The power of games lies in the difference between having a theoretical philosophical conversation about an interesting decision and actually having to make said decision within the “magic circle” of play. I enjoy videogames that force me to make a decision I don’t know the right answer to. Giving players this much choice lets them dive deeper into their own moral compass, and progresses our medium as the art form to pay close attention to.

See my most recent game design work below!

The Exodus

Survival + Real-Time Strategy game

Roles: Game Designer, Level Designer


Tactile HTC Vive Staircase Experience

Roles: Artist, Game Designer


Frantic Multiplayer Game

Role: Game Designer