Overview: Time For Bed was made for Global Game Jam 2019, allowing players to fulfill their lifelong dream of putting their triplets to bed before midnight.

Role: Game Designer, Level Designer

Personal Contributions: As a Game Designer, I helped in designing the theme and gameplay mechanics and in iterating and playtesting the builds of the game. At the site, I was enthusiastic and attracted players to the game.

Result: “Jammer’s Choice” Award — The hectic gameplay paired nicely with the family-friendly environment and art style, leading to the 3 players calling each other “brother” and the mother character being called “mom” during playthroughs.


  • Designed gameplay and iterated on physics and juiciness of movement and mechanics.

  • Designed level, focusing on placement of bedrooms and allowing “juke” movement during gameplay.

  • Worked closely with artists to design level layout.

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